The 5 Objectives of Great Building Design

Tampa General Hospital; Image Courtesy of flickr, Photomatt28

 Everyone wants to design a cost-effective building (especially if you are the owner). But buildings are more than just the space they take up. They can house our lives and be our homes, surround us when we are sick and in the hospital, or be the place where we (or our children) sit and listen to a teacher drone on and on.

1. Economical

How can you estimate the true cost of a building when you are designing it? Well, there are many parameters that can determine cost-effectiveness, and so it requires a life-cycle perspective. This perspective considers the costs and benefits of the project over the building's economic life. A building design is cost-effective if its benefits are equal to alternative designs, but have a lower whole life cost. A whole life cost of a building can include the initial design and construction cost, and the operations and maintenance over the life of the building.

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