Bay Area Future Buildings-- Apple's new "spaceship" campus and Oakland's Coliseum City

Rendering of Apple Campus 2, Image Courtesy of Apple

The Bay Area has two up-and-coming building projects that will be quite the spectacle once they are finished. The first--Apple's new headquarters--promises to be the next home for the company for decades to come. The second, a planned massive redevelopment of East Oakland, Calif. called Coliseum City, claims to be the largest transit-oriented development project in California.

A "green" Apple campus

The late Steve Jobs had a vision for Apple's new headquarters, and about two and a half years later, this vision is coming to life as the Cupertino City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday Oct. 15 to allow the company to get to work on this project. The main four-story circular building (called Apple Campus 2) will be 2.8 million square feet and accommodate up to 12,000 employees.

The top 3 ways to make a building "green"

SF Green BuildingGreen is the color of the grass, some people's favorite color, and the color when you look at light between the wavelengths of about 520 and 570 nanometers.  When we talk about the process of "green" building, we are talking about using environmentally responsible and resource-efficient practices when we build something.

This requires everyone's cooperation on the team, including the architects and designers, the civil and structural engineers, the developers, and the clients. Ultimately, the concept of "green" building extends throughout the life-cycle of a building, from site planning, to design construction, through renovation, and ultimately to demolition.

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