Civil Engineering and Land Planning Services

As civil engineers in Fremont, we are conveniently located to serve the greater Bay Area, and offer the professional engineering services outlined below to help you achieve your project goals. We are interested in helping you every step of the way to get your project done expeditiously. From initial advice, research, feasibility, conceptual design, preliminary design (for budget checks) to final design, construction and completion, we can be there for you.

We are very familiar with the regulations that govern land development in California, and can serve as your local liaison to work closely with various governmental, jurisdictional, and utility agencies.

You may need help in the initial development planning and design stages (often the most important part of the building process)--such as determining project feasibility, evaluating costs, preliminary site design, and understanding risks or roadblocks. Or, you may need to put together construction documents and need help with the permitting process. Regardless of what stage of the building process you are in, we can you help you get your project done.

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In general, our civil engineering services include:Hydraulic Analysis

  • Development Planning and Design     
  • Site Planning
  • Grading and Drainage
  • Utility Systems
  • Water Resources
  • Clean Water Design
  • Best Management Practices
  • Storm Water Management
  • QSD/QSP Services
  • Street Improvements
  • Roadway Design
  • Bridges
  • Assessment Districts
  • Mapping
  • Hydraulic Studies

 Download checklist: steps to planning a successful project in the Bay Area