What Do We Do?

Bay Area Expert Consultants

In an industry that’s always evolving, Landtech Consultants understands the business challenges and unique issues that our clients face. It’s our mission to provide you with proactive engineering solutions, emphasizing local regulations and land development technology, as well as building successful projects. Specializing in site development and land planning, we are dedicated to prioritizing your needs and making your life a little easier.

What’s Our History?

Serving Since 1991

With 30 years of industry experience, Landtech Consultants has been providing the Bay Area with exceptional site development services and civil/structural engineering solutions. We uphold a constant communication loop with our clients and are committed to prioritizing client needs, committing to project success, and promoting industry-Innovative solutions.

Site Development and Land Planning

Be Strategic When Committing Substantial Resources

Critical to any project’s success is a comprehensive understanding of all development issues needed to begin the project. Landtech takes a proactive approach to consulting by committing to uncover hidden project delays and costs before they hit. Our local expertise puts us in the best position to fulfill all of your project needs in the most expeditious way possible.

• Project Feasibility Analysis
• Conceptual Design
• Project Planning and Interface with Governing Jurisdiction
• Understanding Associated Infrastructure Improvements
• Planning and Project Management Submittal Process
• Representing Our Clients Throughout the Planning Process
• Managing Environmental Studies
• Managing Permitting Submittals and Approval Process
• Managing Utility and Associated Agencies Submittals and Interface

The Way of the Land

It’s our mission to provide you with proactive engineering solutions, emphasizing local regulations and land development technology, as well as the building of successful projects.

Civil Engineering

From Initial Advice to Finished Project

We deal with the design, construction and maintenance of physical and naturally built environments to produce roads, bridges, dams and other public works.

• Project Development Infrastructure: Access and Circulation, Road Improvements, Grading Site improvements, Utilities, Drainage and Other Project Components

• Public Works Improvements Projects: Roadways, Bridges, Water Resources and Hydraulic Structures, Roadway Slide Repairs and Prevention, Pump Stations and Other Facilities

• Project Clean Water Improvements (C.3)

• Construction Storm Water Pollution Prevention

Starter Guide: Successful Bay Area Projects

Starter Guide: Successful Bay Area Projects

Structural Engineering

Turn Your Vision Into a Structural Reality

We offer structural solutions that conform to performance standards and functionality requirements, working within your design goals.

• Building and Facility Structural Design

• Existing Building and Facility Retrofit and Rehabilitation

• Structural Analysis of Buildings and Other Structures

• Plan Check and Peer Review Services