Thermo Fisher


Fremont, CA


Thermo Fisher Scientific operates in three segments of the market: Analytical technologies, specialty diagnostics, and laboratory products and services. This location at 46500 Kato Rd. in Fremont, CA will house more than 450 employees and be a site for the company’s clinical diagnostic business.

Landtech Consultants served as the civil and structural engineer, as well as the Fremont local liaison for managing and coordinating project approvals. In this capacity, we serve both project management and technical engineering roles during the project design and approval phase. We also provided construction administration and technical support during the construction phase. Considering the complexity of the project, we had to navigate through multiple project approval jurisdictions simultaneously to meet project deadlines.

Geis Companies, an Ohio-based developer/builder specializing in high performance building design, development and construction, is the project developer and general contractor. With multidisciplinary capabilities under one roof, Geis is uniquely equipped to fast-track a high quality project that meets Thermo Fisher’s needs. Geis planned to complete the shell structure, site, and off-site infrastructure by the fall of 2013, and complete the facility with build-out by the summer of 2014. 

A big component of the project was to improve the existing infrastructure in order to accommodate the utility demand of the project. A 3000 ft. water main extension was constructed in order to provide water service to the site. Under the construction is a 12-inch water main loop line that connects to the existing public water main located traverse along Kato Road and the existing main located across Interstate 880 on Landing Parkway.

The project site is located within the South Warm Springs District of Fremont, CA – an area that the City of Fremont is planning as an ideal and strategic location to create a bustling high-technology and green job employment hub. The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system is expanding to include a new BART station in this very location (Warm Springs), and the new station will be within walking distance of the new Thermo Fisher facility. The demand for jobs in Fremont is projected to grow significantly – by 48% – by 2035.